Aventus Special

We want others to not only enjoy the motivational environment and get feel of a real gym full of clanging and banging but also to actually get amazing results like all of our current members and athletes do. If your serious about getting serious then come join team where...
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Nicole’s Weight loss

Aventus isn't just about weightlifting and bodybuilding we house many people with different goals and journeys. Here is Nicoles Weight Loss story "I first started training in August 2013, initially to lose weight and get healthy. From October 2013 I started personal training sessions twice a week. It’s not until...
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A word from Aventus

People are very quick to judge us in the fitness industry whether it be the way we look male or female, saying girls shouldn't look a certain way or lift a certain way, your too big, yuk, ewwww etc but if you understood the story of the person,...
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